Stephen Hayes

Stephen  Hayes


What I make is in the service of an earnest, sincere, deep sense of awe and a search for the origins of that feeling. That search began as a kid with a silver crayon in 1962, drawing pictures of astronaut John Glenn and his rocket, and continues as a man amazed at the potent beauty of a single tree in a field.


The work I have made over the last 30 years has taken many forms. I have often painted outdoors in the face of nature, attempting to channel something of that awesomeness. I have sequestered myself in the studio and invented forms representative of the “nature of man”. I have scrutinized the appearance of people, myself included, and painted their portraits very directly from life.  I have made portraits and other images from a more conceptual perspective; re-presenting unseen and unknown places and people.


I am consistently reminded by this work that we do not need to seek meaning or beauty or solace, or even adventure, very far from ourselves, and that our singular experiences reveal universal truths. I try to steer clear of the pitfalls inherent in mere mimicry; instead I seek to elicit the fundamental and visceral recognition of truths inherent in really looking to see, and in the land and its innate emotional and spiritual power.




2015      Ucross Foundation Residency (August/September)

              Introductory Solo Exhibition- David Richard Gallery, Santa Fe, NM (July)




2014                        …dust  Elizabeth Leach Gallery, Portland, OR October 2014

2013                        FIGURE/GROUND: A 30 Year Retrospective, Hoffman Gallery at Lewis and Clark

                                      College, Linda Tesner- Director/Curator, Fall 2013 (catalog)

2012                        “In Valley” Elizabeth Leach Gallery, Portland, OR

2010                        “Wild Beauty-Revisited” Elizabeth Leach Gallery, Portland, OR

2009                        “place” Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR

    Mezzanine Gallery, Heathman Hotel, Portland, OR

2008                        “sotto voce”, Elizabeth Leach Gallery, Portland, OR

2007                        “Land, Air, Water” Argazzi Gallery. Lakeville, CT

2006                        “Slow Slide” Elizabeth Leach Gallery, Portland. OR

2004                        “Time: in place” Elizabeth Leach Gallery, Portland, OR

2003                        “last seen”, Elizabeth Leach Gallery, Portland, OR

2001                        “Surroundings” Elizabeth Leach Gallery, Portland, OR  (catalogue)

1999                        “En Passant” Elizabeth Leach Gallery, Portland, OR

1998                        “Terra Incognita” Elizabeth Leach Gallery, Portland, OR

1997                        Elizabeth Leach Gallery, Portland, OR         

1995                        Elizabeth Leach Gallery, Portland, OR

1994                        Papajon’s Gallery/Café, Kyoto, Japan

    Elizabeth Leach Gallery, Portland, OR

1993                        “Monotypes” The Art Gym, Marylhurst University, Marylhurst, OR

1992                        Elizabeth Leach Gallery, Portland, OR

1991                        Elizabeth Leach Gallery, Portland, OR

                  Fairbanks Gallery, Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR

1989                        Elizabeth Leach Gallery, Portland, OR

1988                       Portland State University, Portland, OR

                 Microsoft Corporation Gallery, Seattle, WA

                 Mezzanine Gallery, Heathman Hotel, Portland, OR

1987                       Elizabeth Leach Gallery, Portland, OR

1986                       Elizabeth Leach Gallery, Portland, OR

                 The Littman Gallery, Portland State University, Portland, OR

                 The Maryhill Museum, Goldendale, WA

                 The University of Maine, Orono, ME

1985                       Sandzen Memorial Art Gallery, Lindsborg, KS

1983                       American Culture Center, Amman, Jordan



2015      Op Infinitum: “The Responsive Eye” Fifty Years After, Part I, Part II, American Op Art in the 60’s, David Richard Gallery, Santa Fe, NM

2014                        A Sense of Place, Ascent Capital Management Space, San Francisco, CA May-Dec. 2014

                                Unveiled: Nudes Elizabeth Leach Gallery Jan.16-Mar 8, 2014

                                We Tell Ourselves Stories in Order to Live, Pendleton Art Center

                                We Tell Ourselves Stories in Order to Live, Weber State University, Ogden, UT Sep-Dec

                                We Tell Ourselves Stories in Order to Live University of Nevada

2013                        We Tell Ourselves Stories in Order to Live Museum of Contemporary Craft, Portland OR

                               Travelling exhibition of Hallie Ford Fellowship recipients (catalog) Jan-April 2013

2011                        30th Anniversary Exhibition, Elizabeth Leach Gallery, Portland OR  August 2011

                                Habitat: Explorations of Home and Shelter, CBC Exhibition Space, Lafayette CA 

2010                        ALBUM: 30th Anniversary Exhibition, The Art Gym, Marylhurst, OR (catalog)

                               More Than a Pretty Face: 150 Years of the Portrait Print, Portland Art Museum, Portland OR

2009                        Town & Country- Oregon at 150 Froelick Gallery, Portland, OR

                                Oregon State University Faculty Exhibit, Corvallis, OR

2008                        “Meditations on the Land” A three person exhibition, NW Museum of Art & Culture, Spokane, WA  (Stephen Hayes,

                                Joseph Goldberg & Susan Skilling)

                                Faculty Exhibition, Oregon State University Corvallis, OR

2007                        Un/Common PNCA Faculty Exhibition, Portland Art Museum   Bruce Guenther-curator (catalog)

2006                        “Contemporary Americans” U.S. Embassy, Malta (catalog)

2004                        “TOYS”   (group) Cathedral Park Place/ Haze Gallery, Portland, OR

2003                        “Core Sample” Art Gym, Marylhurst University, Marylhurst, OR (catalog)

                                Snapshot” Elizabeth Leach Gallery, Portland, OR

2001                       Mostly Black & White” Elizabeth Leach Gallery, Portland, OR

                               “Passion Points” Mahlum Architects, Seattle, WA

                                “Unearthed” Davidson Galleries, Seattle, WA

2000                        “Walls” Portland Institute for Contemporary Art, Portland, OR

                               “The View From Here” Elizabeth Leach Gallery, Portland, OR

                               “From Here to Horizon” Whatcom Museum, Bellingham, WA

1998                        “Figure/ Ground” Art Gym, Marylhurst University, Marylhurst, OR

                                “Works on Paper” Elizabeth Leach Gallery, Portland, OR

1997                        “Portland-Black& White” Froelick Gallery, Portland, OR

1996                        “Presence- Diminutives with Impact” Elizabeth Leach Gallery, Portland, OR

                                “A Study of the Still Life” NW Building Corporation, Seattle, WA

                                “Concept to Completion” Dinnerware Artist’s Collective, Tucson, AZ

                                “Contemporary Monotype” Jill George Gallery, London, England

                                “Fifteenth Anniversary Show” Elizabeth Leach Gallery, Portland, OR

1995                        “The Oregon Biennial” Portland Art Museum, Portland, OR (Mary Jane Jacob-curator)

                                “Mentors” Gallery 114, Portland, OR

1994                        Elizabeth Leach Gallery, Portland, OR

1993                        “Erotica” Quartersaw Gallery, Portland, OR

                               “Crosscut” Portland Art Museum, Portland, OR (curators: Kristy Edmunds, John Weber, Terry Toedtemeir, Prudence Roberts)

                                Elizabeth Leach Gallery, Portland, OR

1991                         “Northern Light” American Culture Center, Sapporo & Nagoya, Japan

                                “Oregon Biennial” Portland Art Museum, Portland, OR

                                “Tenth Anniversary Show” Elizabeth Leach Gallery, Portland, OR

                                “As The War Ended” The Art Gym, Marylhurst University, Marylhurst, OR

                                “Contemporary Realism” The A.N. Bush Barn, Salem, OR

                               “Bumpershoot Festival” Seattle, WA

                               The Art Gym Marylhurst University, Marylhurst, OR

1989                         “Oregon Biennial” Portland Art Museum   Portland, OR

                               Lisa Harris Gallery Seattle, WA

                               Stone Press Editions Seattle, WA

1988                        Microsoft Corporation Gallery Seattle, WA

                               “Non-Objective Landscape” The Art Gym Marylhurst University Marylhurst, OR”

                               “Landscape” Elizabeth Leach Gallery, Portland, OR

1987                       “Oregon Biennial” Portland Art Museum, Portland, OR

                               “Landscape”Elizabeth Leach Gallery, Portland, OR

                               “Landscape”“Works Northwest” Maryhill Museum Goldendale, WA

                               “Landscape”“Vistas” G.W. Einstein Gallery New York, NY  (Peter Frank, curator)

1986                       “Hayes & Linehan” University of Maine  Orono, ME

                               “Traditional & Modern” Elizabeth Leach Gallery, Portland, OR

1985                        “Small Paintings” University of Maine Orono, ME

                                “Contemporary Watercolor”  Addison-Ripley Gallery, Washington D.C.

1984                        “James McLaughlin Memorial Exhibition”  The Phillips Collection, Washington, D.C.

1983                        “Art In Jordan” Jerash Festival Zeus Vault, Jerash, Jordan

                                “Most Ancient Jordan” American Culture Center Amman, Jordan                          






2014                        OAC/TFFF Visual Arts Ecology Clearinghouse- inaugural committee member

                                Visiting Artist-Lecturer, Evergreen State College, Olympia, WA Feb 5, 2014

2013                        A Moveable Conversation a discussion on art practice and career longevity between Stephen Hayes and Fernanda D’Agostino.

                                    Moderated by Kristy Edmunds (Artistic Director-Performance Program, UCLA)

                                Artist’s Lecture Series, Lewis and Clark College  9- 17, 2013

2012                        Arts Talk Series, FIGURE/GROUND  Clark College, Vancouver, WA

2011                        Forwards: Artist collaboration with choreographer Sonya Delwaide and the Oakland Ballet Company, Graham Lustig-Artistic

                                Director, Laney College, Oakland, CA (April 2011)

2010                        Featured Artist, Artists Talk Series, Portland Art Museum Portland, OR

2010-2011              Artist’s Advisory Council, Crow’s Shadow Institute, Pendleton, OR

2000-2006              Public Art Advisory Committee (chair 2004-06) Regional Arts and Culture Council Portland, OR

2005-2006              Tri-Met Lightrail Mall Art Advisory Committee, Portland, OR

                                Curatorial Committee, DISJECTA Center for Contemporary Art, Portland, OR

2004                        Residency Selection Panel, Caldera Arts Residency, Black Butte, OR

                                Guest Panelist “Artist’s on Film” Portland Art Museum, Portland, OR (moderator - Stuart Horodner)

2003-present           Founder and contributing artist, “Prints For PICA” an annual community event in support of the Portland Institute for Contemporary

                                Art (to date over  $150,000 raised to fund artistic programming)

2003                        Visiting Artist/Juror, Southern Oregon State University, Ashland, OR








2013      Oregon Arts Commission Career Opportunity grant ($9000)

2011      Hallie Ford Individual Artist Fellowship  ($25,000)

2010      Nominee, Contemporary Northwest Arts Award, Portland Art Museum

2008      OAC and PSU Public Art and Residency commission ( ) ($10,000)

2006      Providence Health Center, Providence Cancer Center, Portland, OR (commission)

                  Multnomah County Volunteer Award

2005      Artist’s Residency, CALDERA, Black Butte, OR

2004      Individual Artist’s Fellowship, Oregon Arts Commission, Salem, OR ($4500)

1998      Vermont Studio Center, Artist’s Residency

1996      Centrum voor Grafiek Frans Mazareel, Kasterlee, Belgium, Resident Artist      

1995      Westside Lightrail Fences Project, Kristy Edmunds, curator

1994      WESTAF/NEA Individual Artist’s Fellowship ($5000)

1990      West Linn Public Library, West Linn, OR

                  Favor Productions, (The Temp) Los Angeles, CA

1989      Beaverton Lodge, Beaverton, OR

1987      One Financial Center Project, Rees Thompson Design, Portland, OR

1983      Most Ancient Jordan, American Center for Oriental Research, Amman, Jordan




The Gates Foundation

Portland Art Museum

The New York Public Library

The Hoffman Gallery at Lewis and Clark College

Hallie Ford Museum (Leo Michelson Collection)

Centrum voor Grafiek Frans Masereel, Belgium

The Collins Foundation

The State of Washington

The State of Oregon

The Oregon State University

Microsoft Corporation

Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco

Mentor Graphics

Blue Cross & Blue Shield

Providence Medical Center

Emmanuel Hospital

Randall Children’s Hospital- Legacy

Gerding Edlen Development


Private collections: Argentina, Australia, Belgium, France, Germany, Israel, Japan, Jordan, Lebanon, Norway, United Kingdom, and United States

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