1960s Revisted

1970s Painting Per Se, Southern California Painting

Rebecca Allan

  In Voltaire's Garden

Richard Anuszkiewicz

  Variations: Evolution of The Artist's Media 1986 - 2012

Bay Area Abstraction: 1945 - 1965

Bent Perimeters: The 'Shaped Canvas' and Abstraction, 1960s to Today

Judy Chicago

  Heads Up

Judy Chicago

  ReViewing PowerPlay

Michael Cook


Color: Stained, Brushed and Poured

Alex Couwenberg


Mark Dagley

  Neo Op

Michael Dixon

  I, Too, Sing America

Michael Falco

  Echoes of the Civil War: The Civil War Pinhole Project

Beverly Fishman

  Future Natural

Four Women: Abstract Expressionist Painters in New York and California, 1950 through 1965

  Sonia Gechtoff, Nina Tryggvadottir, Beate Wheeler and Anthe Zacharias

Beverly Fishman


Sonia Gechtoff 

  Forces of Nature on the Grand Stage: Paintings from 1988 to 1995 
Publications  Sonia Gechtoff  Forces of Nature on the Grand Stage_ Paintings from 1988 to 1995    

Luke Gray

  Deep Skin & Strokeworld Paintings

Toadhouse (aka Allan Graham)

  Any Position Limits The View (We Are Only Here For A Spell)

Tom Green

  Mapping the Human Condition
(family, nature, war, authority, memory, compassion)

Jean-Marie Haessle

  The Corner of My Eye

Paul Huxley

  Recent Paintings After the Venice Biennale

Ward Jackson

  A Survey of Five Decades

Chris Kahler


Dimitri Kozyrev

  Lost Landscapes

Mokha Laget

  In Shape, In Color

Mokha Laget

  Polychrome Polygons

Elliott Lloyd

  Color Wave, Paintings from 1975 to 1977

Beatrice Mandelman

Robert Murphy Sculptures

Works On Paper Unique Paintings, Watercolors, Pastels and Collages

Op Infinitum: 'The Responsive Eye' Fifty Years After (Part II)

  American Op Art In The 60s

Park Place Gallery: Founders and Friends, Then and Now

Past is Present:  Alternative Processes in Contemporary Photography

Matthew Penkala

  Tower, Lobby, Floor

Post-Op: 'The Responsive Eye' Fifty Years After

Lester Rapaport


Paul Henry Ramirez


  Force Fields

George Rush

Michael Scott


Dee Shapiro

  Snatched and Reworked

Julian Stanczak

  Dynamic Fields

Julian Stanczak

  Editioned Prints

Julian Stanczak

  Elusive Transparencies

Julian Stanczak

  Lineal Pathways

Summer Break, Part 1

Robert Swain

  Color: Theory and Affect


  The Circle Reviewed: 1964 to 2012


  Pushing Boundaries 

The Narrative Figure


Leo Valledor


Leo Valledor

  Shapin' Up

Anthe Zacharias

  Natural: Paintings from 1963 to 1966