Oli Sihvonen

Oli Sihvonen 3 x 3 Orange_ 2 Rectangles (178) Oil on canvas 1978 36 x 36 at David Richard Gallery - Oli  Sihvonen

3 x 3 Orange, 2 Rectangles (178), 1978

Artwork Shop Oil on canvas  
36 x 36 in
91 x 91 cm

Sihvonen inventory #178

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Sihvonen's Color abstractions are rooted in color theory as well as hard edge and geometric painting. The "3 x 3" series are divided into thirds and then into thirds again, thus creating the vertical stripes. In this particular painting two of the vertical light orange stripes are further dived into thirds to generate the shorter red and yellow vertical bars in the center of the composition.

$ 22,000.00

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