Matt King





2015 – 2016         ”House of Eternal Return” Fabrication Director & Lead Artist, Meow Wolf permanent installation, Santa Fe, NM


2014  Art Santa Fe, Meow Wolf booth installation

Select Fair New York, installation in lounge

Armory Show, Center for Contemporary Arts Santa Fe

2013  Select Fair Miami, installation in main lobby

”Nucleotide” Meow Wolf collaborative installation, Thomas Robertello Gallery,

Chicago IL

Live sculpture created and exhibited as part of opening celebration for Ellsworth

Gallery, Santa Fe NM

”Nimbus” Meow Wolf collective installation, Luminaria Art Festival, San Antonio, TX

2012 Aqua Art Miami, installation with Eileen Braziel Art Advisors at Aqua Art Fair, Miami

Art Week, December

Art Greenwich, installation with Eileen Braziel Art Advisors at Sea Fair 2012,

Greenwich, Connecticut, October

”Omega Mart” Meow Wolf collaborative installation, Santa Fe, July - September

”Pretty Tough” group show, Eileen Braziel Art Advisors, Santa Fe, June - September

”Color Show” group show within “Meow Mall” at the Plaza Galeria, June - August

”Store Front” installation with Caity Kennedy in conjunction with Communikey,

electronic arts & music festival, Boulder, CO. April

”P.S. I Love You” (group show) Caldera Gallery, Santa Fe, February

2011  ”Collective Collected” group show (coordinator) at CCA, Santa Fe. Fundraiser for

Chimera education program. December

”Glitteropolis” group installation with Meow Wolf at the New Mexico State University

Art Gallery, Las Cruces, NM. November - February

”Hall of Congress” collaborative installation with Meow Wolf to house events for the

first annual “Congress of the Collectives” hosted by Flux Factory in Queens, NY.


Progressive Arts Fair - booth at juried arts fair put on by the After Hours Alliance,

Santa Fe, September

”The Due Return” (collaborative installation) Meow Wolf, CCA Santa Fe, May - August

2010  ”Bonfires” (small collaborative installation) Meow Wolf, September

”Habitats” (group installation), Meow Wolf, June - July

”GEODEcedant II” Project Lead(collaborative installation), Linda Durham

Contemporary Art, June

Solo Show (Sculptural installation) at Meow Wolf, June

”The Moon Is To Live On” (Meow Wolf theater), Set construction and music,

@ Warehouse 21, Santa Fe NM, February - March

”Happy Birthday Meow Wolf”, Group Show. Meow Wolf, February

2009  ”GEODEcedant” (collaborative installation) Meow Wolf, Santa Fe NM,

October - December

”Auto Wolf” (group installation), Meow Wolf, Santa Fe NM, August - September

”Sex and Sensuality” (collaborative installation within group show), First Street

Gallery, Trinidad CO, May - June

”Indoor Winter Activities” (group installation), Meow Wolf, Santa Fe NM,

February -March

2008  ”Horror” (group installation), Meow Wolf, Santa Fe, NM

“Everybody only” (group show), Meow Wolf, Santa Fe, NM, July

”Biome Nero Norb” (Group Installation) Meow Wolf, Santa Fe, NM, May-June

”Meow Zorz” (2 person installation, Meow Wolf’s First show) Meow Wolf, Santa Fe,

NM, Feb-March




2008 - present       Co-founder & Co-Owner of Meow Wolf Art Collective;

2008 – 2016         Estate manager and assistant to Garth Clark and Mark Del Vecchio

2011 – 2015         Contract preparator at Center for Contemporary Arts. Santa Fe, NM

2014                    Mural, private residence, Oceanside Oregon

2013                    ”Project Dreamscape” Meow Wolf Chimera installation project helping

20 Albuquerque teens build their own installation, at

The Albuquerque Muesum

2003 - 2007          Leader in training Coordinator and Outdoor Education instructor at

Camp Amon Carter. Fort Worth, TX.



Matt King was born in Arlington, Texas, in 1984. During his formative years he was a Leadership in Training Counselor at Camp Amon Carter. Matt is a self-taught artist, and began painting in 2004.  He moved back and forth between Texas and Santa Fe before settling in Santa Fe in 2008, where he was one of 10 co-founders of the art collective Meow Wolf, and one of two artists who built Meow Wolf’s first installation, “Meowzors.”  Since then Matt has been a lead artist in almost every Meow Wolf project in New Mexico and elsewhere in the US. Outside of Meow Wolf, Matt has shown at several galleries and art fairs in New Mexico, Colorado, Texas, Connecticut, and Miami.  Currently, Matt is Fabrication Director, a managing owner, and a lead artist for Meow Wolf’s new permanent installation in Santa Fe, the 20,000 square foot “House of Eternal Return."