Mark Dagley

Mark Dagley Five Part Painting (big) Mixed meduims 2001 47 x 69 x 1.5 at David Richard Gallery - Mark  Dagley

Five Part Painting (big), 2001

Mixed meduims  
45.5 x 67.25 in
117 x 170 cm


Framed size - 47 x 69 x 1.5" Signed Dated "Five Part Painting" (2001) appears to me as almost an emblem for the theme of perception raised to the level of hallucination. The five conjoined panels that together make up the painting have a look of clarity, symmetry and measure. This painting seems the gathering of a suite of five connected thoughts (or a thought with five parts). The central part is made of stained glass, like blue and green colored window panes. Above and below are two long panels painted bright yellow with a drawn-on pattern of wood grain. To the left and right of the glass are two square panels that pick up the theme of dots or circles. For me, this painting creates an almost psychedelic sense of vision as movement from the concrete to the immanent to the embodied to the evanescent. The wood grain-painted panels above and below are bright, opaque, flat and frontal, consonant with the plane surface of the picture. They seem to refer to literal, frontal presence and basic materiality, yet still suggest illusion—they are marked with a pattern of wavy lines that loosely mimics wood. The stained glass of the center panel raises topics of vision, transparency[…]"



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