Jacob Feige



At the core of my practice is the relationship between observation—codified in my painting as representation—and inner thoughts and imagined forms—codified as abstraction. Through numerous permutations, this relationship between the outer world and inner consciousness has defined all of my projects. The deliberate lack of fluidity in my work between representation and abstraction reflects this separation in one’s attention between inner and outer stimuli. Often our observation is clear and attentive, but more often it is obscured by inner thought. This essential element of consciousness is what I hope to communicate qualitatively in all of my work.  


My most recent bodies of work, Cutaway and Screen paintings, are made from direct observation in my own home. Triangular abstract compositions, and secondary paintings affixed to the first, intrude on these banal scenes of everyday life, starkly contrasting abstraction as an imaginative, expansive gesture with the confines of my daily circumstances. In some paintings this contrast is abrupt and irreconcilable; in others, a new sense of space emerges between imagined and lived experience, and not quite either one. 



Cranbrook Academy of Art, 2003-05

MFA, Painting

Carnegie Mellon University, 1998-2002

BHA (Bachelor of Humanities and Art), Visual Art and Perceptual Psychology 

Concentrations in Painting and Electronic & Time-Based Media

(with College and University honors)




Rule Gallery, Denver, CO October-December, 2015



Movement, Worcester, UK, September-November 2014

Overstock (solo special project)

PhilaMOCA, Philadelpia, PA, February, 2014.


Paintings: 2008-13

College Gallery, The Richard Stockton College of NJ September-November 2013

From the Bellona Museum of Natural History

Lombard Freid Projects, NY October-November 2011

The Ultimate Painting (with Gene Bernofsky films)

Movement, Worcester, UK, October-November 2010

After Dense Fog

Lombard-Freid Projects, NY, November 2008-January 09

Nearly Falling

Lombard-Freid Projects, NY, November 2006- January 07

Jacob Feige: Paintings

Penn Gallery, Pittsburgh, PA, October-November 2002



(Includes two/three person exhibitions and solo collaborations)


Cupid Angling, John H Baker Gallery, West Chester University, PA, 2017

Jump Cut, Fjord Gallery, Philadelphia, PA 2017


Broadcast from Cedarburg, New Jersey, Bannerette, Brooklyn, NY, 2016.

People’s Museum of Revisionist Natural Itstory, Spaces, Cleveland, OH, 2015-16

Command-Z, Improvised Showboat, Brooklyn, NY 2015

duplicate. until response. Hooloon Art, Philadelphia, PA 2015

Ice Storm, The Willows, Brooklyn, NY, 2015


Listening In, Abington Art Center, Abington, PA, 2014

             Rocky Mountain High, Adam Goldar Gallery, Denver, CO 2014     

A City(ies) That Walked, Fjord Gallery and TSA Gallery, Philadelphia, PA 2013

Lost & Found Pt 2, Hal Bromm Gallery, New York, NY, 2013

In Front of Strangers, I Sing, Woodmere Art Museum, Philadelphia, PA, 2013

A Modest Occupation, curated by Abigail Satinsky, Luminary Center for the Arts, St.     

Louis, MO, 2013. Travelled to: Threewalls, Chicago, IL, 2013.


2012 CSA Artists, City Hall, Philadelphia, PA 2012-13

Refuse Reuse: Language for the Common Landfill, Icebox, Crane Arts, Philadelphia, PA, 2012

CSA at Urban, Gallery 534, Philadelphia, PA, 2012

Philadelphia Community Supported Art Project, Practice, Philadelphia, PA, 2012

Home Where?, Lombard Freid Projects, New York, NY 2012


The Death of Affect,  Art Blog Art Blog, New York, NY 2011

Memories Last a Lifetime, (solo, in collaboration with William Earl Kofmehl III) Jolie   

Laide Gallery, Philadelphia, PA 2011

RISD Faculty Biennial, Museum of Art, Rhode Island School of Design, 2011

In Between, (with Jeffrey Schwietzer, two person) Chambers Fine Art, Beijing, China, 2011


Tri State Show,  olie Laide Gallery, Philadelphia, PA 2010-11

Frameworks, (with George Rush and Trygve Faste, three person) David Richard 

Contemporary, Santa Fe, NM 2010


New Work New York, (curated by Jacob Robichaux) Chang Art, Beijing, China, 2010,

Watergate Gallery, Seoul, South Korea 2009-10 Artspace@Helutrans, Singapore, 2009

Futurescape, Univ of Connecticut Contemporary Art Galleries, Storrs, CT 2009

Next Wave (curated by Dan Cameron), Brooklyn Academy of Music, 2009

Disorganized (curated by Jacob Robichaux), Museum 52, NY, 2009

If the Dogs Art Barking, Artists Space, NY, 2009


Fracture and Fidelity (curated by Christopher Bedford), Memorial Hall Gallery RISD,

Providence, RI 2008

Eco-Centric, Rule Gallery, Denver, CO 2008

Cover Version (curated by Timothy Hull), Taylor De Cordoba Gallery, Los Angeles, CA 2008

Audacity in Art, Orlando Museum of Art, FL 2007-08


50/50 (collaboration with Ivin Ballen), Susanne Hilberry Gallery, Ferndale, MI 2007

Fresh, Lemberg Gallery, Ferndale, MI 2007

Let’s Bolt, Metro Color Collision, NY 2007

Tell Pitiful Story (collaboration with William Earl Kofmehl III), Lombard-Freid Projects,

NY 2007


Artworks, Mt. Clemens Art Center, MI, 2006

At the End of the Day, We’re All Sooty, (solo, in collaboration with William Earl  

Kofmehl III), Lombard-Freid Projects, NY 2006

Summer Group Show 2006, Lemberg Gallery, Ferndale, MI 2006

Exquisite Corpse / Cadavre Exquise (curated by Bob Nickas), Mitchell Algus Gallery, NY



Three Positions: Shiva Ahmadi, Jacob Feige, Eva Struble (three person), Lombard-

Freid Projects, NY 2005

Emerging Artist Award Exhibition, Daimler Chrysler, Berlin 2005

Summer Group Show, Lemberg Gallery, Ferndale, MI 2005

Made Here (degree exhibition), Cranbrook Museum of Art 2005

Exchange Show, Wayne State University Gallery 2004-05


Feelings, Forum Gallery, Cranbrook Academy of Art 2004

Information Man, Space 801, Pittsburgh, PA 2003

Senior Exhibition, Carnegie Mellon University 2002

Selections, Seton Hill College, 2001



(reverse chronological order)


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        Visiting Artist, West Chester University, February 2017

        (conducted critiques and delivered lecture to Fine Arts area)       

        “Gold Rush,” lookie-lookie.com, February 2017

        (authored article )       

        Co-editor and co-founder, title-magazine.com, 2011-16

        (one of three editors-in-cheif and regular contributor)

        Visiting Artist, Cleveland Institute College of Art, April 2015

        (conducted critiques and delivered lecture to Fine Arts area)       

        Visiting Artist, Moore College of Art and Design, October 2014

        (conducted critiques and delivered lecture to Fine Arts Department)       

        Visiting Artist, Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, March 2013

        (conducted critiques and delivered Academy-wide lecture)       

        CSA Philadelphia, 2012

        (contributed a multiple work of art to a community-supported folio of artist’s projects)

         Visiting Artist, Corcoran College of Art and Design, October 2010

         (conducted critiques and delivered lecture to Fine Arts division)

         Consultant to ShinHan Art, South Korea, 2010- 2011

         (advisde on paint product lines and proofread for the American market)

         Artist Lecture, Rhode Island School of Design, December 2009

         (presented my work to the Painting Department)

         Visiting Artist, SUNY Oswego, November 2009

         (conduct critiques and delivered University-wide lecture)

         Artist Lecture, Museum of Modern Art, March 2009

         (presented my work to students at the museum)

         Commission, Target/Alexander McQueen, 2009

         (produced artwork for a fashion label)

         Guest Artist/Designer, Tenant, Brooklyn, NY 2008-09.

         (collaboration for wall covering and furniture design)


       “Psychopathia Pastoralis,” The Highlights Online,

          thehighlights.org, September 2007.  (authored article)

       Visiting Artist, Pont Aven School of Contemporary Art,

         Brittany, France, March 2007

         (conducted critiques and delivered school-wide lecture)



Research and Professional Development Grant

The Richard Stockton College, 2013, 2014, 2017.

Joan Mitchell Painters and Sculptors Award

Nominee, 2010

Part-Time Faculty Association Grant

Rhode Island School of Design, 2010

Daimler Chrysler Emerging Artist Award

Finalist and Painting Representative, 2005

Joan Mitchell MFA Award

Nominee, 2005

Merit Scholarship

Cranbrook Academy of Art, 2004

Samuel Rosenberg Senior Award

Carnegie Mellon University, 2002




       Stockton University (formerly Richard Stockton College of NJ), Fall 2012-present

       Associate Professor of Art, Painting

        Courses Taught: Painting and Drawing, all levels. Interdisciplinary seminar courses.

Maryland Institute College of Art, Fall 2010–Spring 2012

Part-time Faculty, Foundation Studies. Courses taught: Drawing 1, Drawing 2, Painting 1


University of Pennsylvania, Fall 2011–Spring 2012

Lecturer, School of Design. Courses taught: Drawing 1


Rowan University, Fall 2011

Adjunct Faculty, Art Department. Courses taught: Computer Art Techniques


Rhode Island School of Design, Fall 2009-Spring 2011

Part-time Faculty, Painting and Illustration Departments. Courses taught: Drawing I,

Painting II, Painting for Non-Majors, Graduate Independent Study


Tyler School of Art, Temple University, Spring 2011

Adjunct Faculty, Painting, Drawing, and Sculpture Department. Courses taught: Color Studio


Bergen Community College, Spring 2009-Spring 2010

Adjunct Faculty, Art Department. Courses taught: Life Drawing, 2D Design, Digital Imaging,

Computer Illustration


Cranbrook Academy of Art, 2004-05 academic year

Teaching Assistant to Beverly Fishman, Painting Department


Carnegie Mellon University, Spring 2001

Teaching Assistant to Ayanah Moor, Intro to Lithography