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Gregory Botts developed as a figurative and landscape painter under the tutelage of New York school rebels Paul Georges and Fairfield Porter - two artists seeking a relevant, modern vocabulary for representational painting that also honored certain ideas from Abstract Expressionism. Over his career, Botts has injected poetry, philosophy and critical theory into his continuing search for a painting style that marries the abstract to the concrete.

Born in landscape, apprenticed in abstraction and now a seasoned synthesis of the two, Gregory Botts is devoted to the power of color and brush. In spite of his innovation, or perhaps because of it, he is recognized today as a member of the National Academy. Currently living in both New York and New Mexico, the artist chooses to begin his creative process by painting en plein air. However, Botts does not limit himself to the tangible environment. Instead, he focuses on the ever-changing scenery that he interprets as allegory. Unlike his predecessors and contemporaries, Botts brings a modern edge to this deep-rooted subject by reforming his “sketches” in his studio. It is in the city that he alters the initial compositions and paints big, sometimes 10-foot canvases, which become poetically grounded abstractions of his experience. In the final development of his work, Botts brings juxtapositions of abstract surface to naturalist spaces to bear. This is most apparent in his studio ‘scapes’, which are assembled views of the painting’s elements within his studios.

Born in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania in 1952, Gregory Botts attended the School of Visual Arts in New York City, as well as assisted the artist Paul Georges. He received a scholarship to attend the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture in Maine. Botts has served as painting instructor at Anderson Ranch Arts Center for the past 5 seasons, at the University of Santa Barbara, California since the 1980s to now 2006, and teaches figure drawing at the National Academy of Design and NY Studio School. Botts is a full time artist. He has exhibited extensively in both solo and group shows across the United States.



·  1970-1972 School of Visual Arts, NYC

·  1973 Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture, Skowhegan, Maine



· 2015 Cathedral of St John the Divine, Stations Project, Feb-May

            Painting Along the Road, Austin Peay State U of Tenn, Clarksville

· 2014 David Richard Gallery, Santa Fe, New Mexico, July, August

· 2013 Alan Avery Art Company, Atlanta, GA

·  2011Cathedral of St John the Divine, Stations, March, April

            Heidi Cho Gallery, Marilyn Rosenberg, 21 April-21 May, NYC,

·  2010 Gerald Peters Gallery, Landscape, February, Santa Fe, NM

·  2009 Turtle Point Press Gallery, NYC

·  2008 Gerald Peters Gallery, Santa Fe New Mexico, June 2008

·  2006-7 Gregory Botts: Jigsaw Poetry, Sullivan Goss - An American Gallery, Santa Barbara, CA

·  2004 Salander-O’Reilly Gallery, Two person Show, NY

·  2001 Art Resources Transfer, New York City

·  2001 Western Landscapes, Roswell Museum, NM

·  1997 Paintings from Joshua Tree National Park and the Landscape Institute, College of Creative Studies, University of California at Santa Barbara

·  1996 Art Resources Transfer, New York, NY

·  1993 Tony Shafrazi Gallery, New York, NY

·  1993 Ro Snell Gallery, Santa Barbara, CA

·  1993 Renée Fotouhi Gallery, East Hampton, NY

·  1993 University of the Arts (Rosenwald-Wolf Gallery) Philadelphia, PA

·  1993 Villa of the Sun Paintings, (Catalog essay by Carter Ratcliff)

·  1991 Anne Plumb Gallery, New York, NY

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·  1988 Anne Plumb Gallery, New York, NY

·  1987 Earl McGrath Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

·  1987 Anne Plumb Gallery, New York, NY

·  1986 Anne Plumb Gallery, New York, NY

·  1985 Anne Plumb Gallery, New York, NY

·  1984 Manhattan Art, New York, NY

·  1984 Salvatore Ala Gallery, New York, NY



· 2015 Tiger Strikes Asteroid, Bushwick, New York, The Two States of W.W.

· 2014 Schema Gallery, Purple Mountains, Amber Waves, September, Brooklyn, NY

           James Graham and Sons, Detail Oriented, January, NYC

· 2013 Come Together, Surviving Sandy, October- December, Brooklyn, NY

            Brian Morris Gallery, Endless Summer, August, NYC

· 2011 Gerald Peters Gallery Landuse Misuse, Santa Fe, Summer Show

· 2009 Steven Harvey Fine Art, Group Show, Summer, NYC

           National Academy, Member’s Annual, May

           Bomb Magazine Benefit, May

           Dahl Arts Center, Rapid City, South Dakota,  Ray Graham Collection

·  2007 The Flag Project, Rubin Museum, NYC

            Out West, The Great American Landscape, National Art Museum of China

·  2005 Group Show, Amenoff, Resika, McNeil and Botts, Gerald Peters Gallery, Santa Fe, NM

·  2004 National Academy of Design, Wolf Kahn selections from the Collection, NAD, NYC

·  2001-02 Anderson Ranch Faculty Show, Snowmass, Colorado

·  1999 Small Work Benefit, James Kelley Contemporary, Santa Fe, New Mexico

·  1998 Interpreting, Rotunda Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

·   1998 Conversation exhibition with Mary Carlson, Art Resources Transfer, New York, NY

·  1997 Auction to Benefit Santa Barbara Contemporary Arts Forum, Santa Barbara, CA

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·  1982 Four From New York, Richard Hines Gallery, Seattle, WA

·  1982 Carl Apfelschnitt, Gregory Botts, Keith Haring, David Kapp



·  2004 Death Valley National Park Artist in Residence Program

·  2002 Roaring Forks Club Artist in Residence, Aspen, Colorado

·  1997 Joshua Tree National Monument Artist In Residence Program

·  1997 National Academy of Design, Elected Member

·  1993 Adolph Gottlieb Emergency Grant Recipient

·  1986 American Academy And Institute of Arts and Letters Award For Excellence in Painting

·  1972 Skowhegan School of Painting, Student Scholarship



·  Federal Reserve Washington, DC

·  Mint Museum of Art Charlotte, North Carolina

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2015  Op Infinitum: “The Responsive Eye” Fifty Years After, Part I, Part II, American Op Art in the 60’s, David Richard Gallery, Santa Fe, NM