Gloria Klein

Gloria  Klein


New York-based artist Gloria Klein was an early member of the Pattern and Decoration movement in the 1970s. She was an active participant in the artist’s co-operative Criss-Cross, which was co-founded by Clark Richert and included George Woodman, Marilyn Nelson, Dee Shapiro and Robert Swain, among others. Her work was frequently featured in their avant-garde publication, Criss-Cross Art Communications. Klein’s rigorous and colorful geometric abstract paintings are based on her own mathematical system for dividing and organizing her canvases and systematically distributing colors to create stunning and detailed compositions.


Klein, a systemic painter, used this process to experiment with her palettes and compositions, creating intricate patters that range from completely chaotic to highly structured with geometric grids and every variation in between. Her interest in mark making began with the hatch mark, varying in length and slight shifts in the angle, these slender hard-edged elements were core to her paintings and intricate drawings. Like the stitch in sewing, a single stitch only makes one mark, but collectively, hundreds and thousands of them create intricate patterns and complex compositions. Over time, the hatch mark was combined with small squares to create more complex layers of marks and patterns, then to compositions of just squares. Each motif and composition was made unique with striking color palettes and juxtapositions that created delicate and multi-layered patterns and novel hues.




M.A. (Art) June 1973: Hunter College, City University of New York

B.A. (Economics) June 1959: Brooklyn College, City University of New York


Professional Studies:

Hunter College, 1970 – 1972

Evsa Model, 1969 – 1970

Art Students League, 1962 & 1968

Brooklyn Museum School of Art, 1959 – 1960


Solo Exhibitions:

2019:    Gloria Klein, On Paper, Kustera Projects, Brooklyn, NY, (Feb 14 – April 20)

2018:   Systemic Pattern Painting: Artist of the Criss-Cross Cooperative, David Richard Gallery,

                   New York, NY (Sept 9 – Oct 13)

2017:   Gloria Klein: Pattern Painting 1975-1983, David Richard Gallery, Santa Fe , NM

                   (Sept 4 – Oct 7)

2003:   ColorGeo Matrix,

2003:  “Gloria Klein: Patterns on Paper,” Gallery 128, New York, NY (Nov. 5 – 29)

2001:   “Paradise Found: Gloria Klein Drawings,” Gallery 128, New York, NY (April 25

– May 19)

2000:   “Structural Madness: Gloria Klein Paintings and Drawings,” Gallery 128, New

York, NY (Oct. 4 – 28)

1986:   “Gloria Klein,” Hudson Gallery, New York, NY

1985:   “Gloria Klein Exhibit,” Center for Architecture, NY Institute of Technology, Old

Westbury, NY

1982:   “Gloria Klein,” The Kendall Gallery, New York, NY (Dec. 16 – 29)

1979:   “Gloria Klein: Pattern Paintings,” Josef Gallery, New York, NY (Nov. 13 – 24)

1975:   “Ten Downtown Series,” New York, NY

1972:   "Artists of the Region," East Hampton, NY


Group Exhibitions:

2010:   “Geometric Themes & Variations,” Gallery 128, New York, NY (March 17 –

April 10)

2009:   “Geometrics II,” Gallery 128, New York, NY (March 18 – April 18)

2007:   "Geometrics," Gallery 128, New York, NY

2005:   “The Halpert Biennial Exhibition,” Catherine J. Smith Gallery, Appalachian State

                  University, Boone, NC (June 6 – Sept. 16)

         “New Directions ’05,” The Barrett Art Center, Poughkeepsie, NY (Oct. 22 – Nov.


2002:   “New Work/New Year,” Gallery 128, New York, NY (Jan. 4 – 31)

         “Three on a Match,” Gallery 128, New York, NY (May 1 – 25)

2001:   "Benefit for RAWA," Gallery 128, New York, NY

2000:   “Fast Forward,” Gallery 128, New York, NY (Jan. 5 – 30)

         “Local Papers,” Williamsburg Art and Historical Center, Brooklyn, NY (Feb. 5 –


         “Pieces 4,” Gallery 128, New York, NY (June 7 – July 29)

            “Galaxy 128,” Gallery 128, New York, NY (Dec. 19, 2000 – Jan. 14, 2001)

         "To each her/his own," Gallery 128, New York, NY

         "Generation II Artists," A.I.R, New York, NY

1999:         “Past to Present,” Gallery 128, New York, NY

          “Universal Communicative,” Gallery 128, New York, NY

          “Pieces 3,” Gallery 128, New York, NY (July 14 – Aug. 7)         

1998:    “50:50,” Gallery 128, New York, NY (March 4 – April 4)

          “Freak of Nature,” Gallery 128, New York, NY (June 11 – July 2)

          “Pieces 2,” Gallery 128, New York, NY (July 8 – 31)

          “Local Color,” Henry Street Settlement, New York, NY (Oct. 16 – Nov. 22)

          “The mind is its own place,” Gallery 128, New York, NY (Dec. 4, 1998 – Jan. 3,


1997:   “Material Girls: Gender, Process, and Abstract Art Since 1970,” Gallery 128, New York, NY

                  (Oct. 1 – Nov. 1)

         “Generation,” A.I.R., New York, NY (Oct. 21 – Nov. 15)

         “N.Y. X Japan,” Gallery Guute, Hiroshima and Gallery Marya, Osaka, Japan

                  (Aug. 7 – 28)

         “Pieces,” Gallery 128, New York, NY (July 1 – 31)

1996:   “Group Exhibition,” Gallery 128, New York, NY (Jan. 19 – Feb. 17)

         “Kakejiku: Scrolling in New York,” Gallery Kawafune, Tokyo, Japan (Jan. 22 –

                  Feb. 3)

         “Women Draw,” Gallery 128, New York, NY (April 24 – May 25)

         “Friends,” Gallery 128, New York, NY (Dec. 1 – 21)

1995:   “Kakejiku: Scrolling in New York,” Gallery 128, New York, NY (May 5 – June


1994:   “Group Exhibition,” Gallery 128, New York, NY (May 11 – 28)

         “Measure for Measure,” Gallery 128, New York, NY (July 9 – 30)

         ”Signing,” Gallery 128, New York, NY  (Jan. 15 – Feb. 19)

1993: “Over 100 Artists…,” Gallery 128, New York, NY (Dec. 1, 1993 – Jan. 8, 1994)

1989:         “N.Y. Kendall Gallery Art Show,” Kobe, Japan

1988:   “The Summer Exhibition 1988: Twenty-Two Artists,” Michael Walls Gallery,

                  New York, NY (Aug. 10 – 27)

1986:   “Frames of Reference: Contemporary Abstract Painting & Sculpture,” Todd Capp

                  Gallery, New York, NY (April 18 – May 4)

         “New Paintings by Gloria Klein, Beatrice Riese, and Adrianne Wortzel,” Hudson Gallery, New

                  York, NY (May 9 – June 7)

1984:   “Paintings & Paintings,” Andre Zarre Gallery, New York, NY (June 15 – July 15)

         “Group Exhibition,” Edward Williams College, Fairleigh Dickinson University, Hackensack, NJ

1983:   “Systemic Art – Three Painters & One Sculptor,” Westchester Community College, Valhalla,

                  NY (March 2 – 28)

1982:   “The New Wave Splash,” White Plains Public Library, White Plains, NY  ( )

         “The Criss-Cross Group,” Alain Bilhaud Gallery, New York, NY (  )

         “Heresies 3rd Annual Art Benefit,” Frank Marino Gallery, New York, NY (Sept. 21 – 25)

1981:   “Criss-Cross Multi-Disciplinary Event,” Millennium Film Workshop, New York,  NY (Feb. 22)

         “Heresies 2nd Annual Art Benefit,” Grey Art Gallery, New York, NY (June 8 –  13)

         “Criss-Cross Artists Exhibition.” Chautauqua Park, Boulder, CO (Aug. 2 – 23)

         “Criss-Cross” Yellowstone Art Center, Billings, MT  (Nov. 6 – Dec. 31)

1980:   “Group Show,” Hansen Galleries, New York, NY (Feb. 1 – 29)

         “Systemic Patterning,” Hansen Galleries, New York, NY (March 1 – 31)

         “Third Wave,” Hibbs Gallery, New York, NY

         “New York Pattern Show,” Illinois Wesleyan University, Bloomington, IL

1979:   “Development in the Criss-Cross Group,” Alain Bilhaud Gallery, New York, NY

(Feb. 10 – Mar. 7)

         “Criss-Cross Pattern Show,” 5 East 3 Street, New York, NY (April 24 – May 3)

         “Gloria Klein & Buffie Johnson,” Gallery 700, Milwaukee, WI

         “The Criss-Cross Pattern Project,” Boulder Arts Center, Boulder, CO (Nov. 7 –

Dec. 5)

         “118 Artists,” Landmark Gallery Inc., New York, NY (Dec. 15, 1979 – Jan. 3,


1978:   “A Lesbian Show,” 112 Workshop, New York, NY (Jan. 21 – Feb. 11)

“Pattern on Paper,” Gladstone/Villani Gallery, New York, NY (Oct. 14 – Nov.


         “Decorative Art: Recent Works,” Douglass College Art Gallery, Rutgers

University, Rutgers, NJ (Nov. 20 – Dec. 8)

“Six Painters,” Organization of Independent Artists, New York, NY     

(Dec. 20, 1978 – Feb. 16, 1979)

         “City Show,” Organization of Independent Artists, New York, NY

“Museum’s Choice,” Lochhaven Art Center, Orlando, FL

         “Pattern Works on Paper,” Hillyer Art Gallery, Smith College, Amherst, MA

         “Artists’ Books, USA,” Independent Curators, Inc., New York, NY 

1977:   “16th Bradley National Print & Drawing Exhibition,” Bradley University School

of Art, Peoria, IL (Feb. 25 – Mar. 20)

         “Whitney Counterweight: Another Vision” New York, NY (March 12 – April 1)

“Drawing & Sculpture Show,” Sharadin Art Gallery at Kuztown State Kollege,

Kuztown, PA (May 8 – May 29)

“Ten Downtown/ Ten Years,” organized by Gloria Klein, P.S.1., Long Island

City, NY (Sept. 11 - Oct. 2)

         “Ten Downtown/ Ten Years: a documentation show” organized by Gloria Klein,

112 Workshop, New York, NY (Nov. 5 – 24)

         “Pattern Painting,” P.S.1., Long Island City, NY (Nov. 14 – Dec. 4)

1976:   “Contemporary Reflections,” The Aldrich Museum, Ridgefield, CT

“New York Artists,” University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee, Madison, WI

1975:   “Group Exhibition,” Walker Street Gallery, New York, NY (April 5 – May 15)

“Women Artists of 1975,” Hansen Galleries, New York, NY (Sept. 19 – Oct.12)

“Works on Paper – Women Artists,” The Brooklyn Museum, Brooklyn, NY

(Sept. 24 – Nov. 9)

“Group Show,” Hansen Galleries, New York, NY      

1974:   “Group Show,” Hansen Galleries, New York, NY  

          “Stratton Arts Festival Exhibition,” Stratton, VT (Sept. 21 – Oct. 20)

1973:   “Group Show,” Hunter College, New York, NY

1971:   “Artists of the Region,” East Hampton, NY 
1970:   “Artists of the Region,” East Hampton, NY 



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Honors & Awards (Residencies & Scholarships)

2007: Pollock/Krasner Foundation

2005: Adolph & Esther Gottlieb Foundation

2005: Tuchin Center for Visual Arts

1988: Vermont Studio School, Johnson, VT

1975/76: International Women's Year Award






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