Axle Contemporary
Accidental Photography
July 9 - July 9, 2016

Alex Contemporary

Since the beginnings of photography there have been accidental photographs.  Although these are most often tossed, many unintentional photographs provide a compelling but unforeseen perspective or create a successful abstract composition. Cartier-Bresson’s “decisive moment” is now indecisive in the taking of the image and the role of the photographer has moved to recognition of a successful image on the editing table. This genre of photography, Accidental Photography, has gained prevalence with the profusion of digital photographic technologies.  

We come across the accidental photo often with a sense of amusement or wonder and we judge it differently from other images. It may meet a criteria we had not expected, invoke a new aesthetic standard or a narrative quality; or it may act as a conceptual springboard.  Can a happy accident become a work of art? The exhibition presents a selection of accidental photographs by New Mexico-based photographers who responded to our request to send us their compelling mistakes and random acts of photography.


Craig Anderson, Philip Augustin, Evalyn Bemis, Cary Cluett, Margo Conover, Carla Cooper, Glen Craley, Rick Fisher, Kirk Gittings, Bobby Gutierrez, Megan Jacobs, Dave Kite, Mary Kite, Marina LaPalma, Richard Lowenberg, Celia Luz, Rachel Manera, Gabriella Marks, Tom Martinelli, Cyndy McCrossen, David O’Brien, Rebecca O’Day, Rachel Preston Prinz, Janet Russek, Ward Russell, Tara Raye Russo, Michael Schippling, Elizabeth Shores, Brandon Soder, Catie Soldan, Jon Soliday, Anne Staveley, Dianne Stromberg, Michael Sumner, Nancy Sutor, Victor Teng, Don Usner, Francesca Yorke, Joan Zalenski