Ruth Pastine



My work is focused on the phenomena of color perception. My painting process explores the perceptual interaction of saturated and nuanced color relationships that investigate the dialogue between object, presence, and phenomena. I engage finite structure and color systems that paradoxically afford the essential parameters that access limitless possibility. These systems are always in dynamic opposition to the spontaneous process of painting itself, which creates an essential tension between the known and the unknown, and presents the opportunity for these systems to mediate each other, and transform the materiality of the seamless hand-painted surfaces into an optically immaterial and sensual experience. The philosophical dialectic of opposition is further explored through materiality and immateriality, presence and absence, the known and unknown, the finite and the limitless.


Matter of Light series features my ongoing investigation into furthering the limits of perceptual experience through fluctuating boundaries, relationships, and the structure of color within the iconic structure of the square canvas. Defined by high-key color juxtapositions and frameworks of soft edge banding between hue and value separations, heightening the ethereality of emergent light and spatial interplay within the context of the parameters of the painting’s geometry.  


Pastine continues to evolve pure abstraction and the concept of Minimalist theory. Through her work, color and light are reduced to their most elemental form; working with oil on canvas thousands of small brush strokes appear visually seamless, producing an image that is both objective and dematerialized. Challenging our preconceptions, Pastine explores the subtle character and nuance of color. Pastine’s manipulation of color, light, and matter questions the visual experience and redefines the perceptual field.


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