Mario Garcia



If we have the slightest inclination towards stable things, those which stop moving when we take them up, we are inclined to consider the pros and cons of Mario Garcia’s internal model boxes painted with the golden blue of interstellar lights caught when movement stops.

These boxes full of philosophical nothings seize the erratic thoughts of men lost in their daily polystyrene. A wan smile brightens modern man’s magdalenian features at the sight of these white bubbles and silver barks. Man proposes and boxes dispose after the unfortunate Pandora affair. But indifference, either tepid or chilly, has lunar reflections which do not lack elegance.



Mario Garcia


May 3, 1927
New York City, New York


Elementary Education: New York and Lausanne, Switzerland
Secondary Education: University of Lausanne
Ecole des Beaux Arts de Lausanne 1947-52


1957           Galerie Entracte, Lusanne
1958           Stable Gallery, New York
                   Martha Jackson Gallery, Provincetown, MA
1959           Galerie Entracte, Lusanne
                   “Antagonism” Vienna Kunsthalle
                   Antagonism” Musee des Arts Decoratifs du Louvre, Paris
1960           Galerie Smith,
1961           Signa Gallery, East Hampton, Long Island
1962           Stable Gallery, New York
                   “Assemblages” Museum of Modern Art
1963           Galleria Schwartz, Milan


Musee des Beaux Arts- Lusanne, Switzerland
Chrysler Art Museum- Provincetown, Massachusetts
Dayton Art Institute- Dayton, Ohio


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