Daisy Quezada



“Working with issues of personal and social identity I use materials that talk to the fragility of life; in particular to those encompassing women from the southwest borderlands of the United States and Mexico. Having grown up between two cultures I have witnessed an abundance of machismo, that isn’t questioned after it has become a part of every day life. Predominantly women of this area tend to go on with their lives hoping to serve men to the fullest, concealing their own identity with a veil. By using clothes as a surrogate I hope to talk about the absence and fullness of these women.

“Using an adapted technique of lace draping I take these garments through a transformation process where porcelain slip becomes a callus that attempts to mend and hold any information that the article of clothes may carry. Be it abuse sorrow or abandonment textiles tend to carry an individual identity even when left behind. When fired what remains is an untainted white delicate sculpture with characteristics of bone as a visual. Placed alongside items that reference a particular location the garment is activated seeming to breath and come to life to tell its story where it can be heard and seen.”

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