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Featured Piece
Michael  Hedges Barefoot Dreaming

Barefoot Dreaming
- Oil on canvas
60 x 48 in

Michael  Hedges Barefoot Dreaming Barefoot Dreaming
Oil on canvas  
60 x 48 in
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Michael  Hedges A Great Time A Great Time
Oil on linen   2015
18 x 14 in
Call For Price
Michael  Hedges Assembled Materials Assembled Materials
Oil on canvas   2017
40 x 30 in
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Michael  Hedges Blueprint Blueprint
Oil on linen   2017
24 x 30 in
Call For Price
Michael  Hedges Car Pool Car Pool
Oil on linen   2016
50 x 40 in
Call For Price
Michael  Hedges Dreams Dreams
Oil on linen   2016
56 x 40 in
Call For Price
Michael  Hedges Encouraged Rumors Encouraged Rumors
Oil on canvas   1017
60 x 54 in
Call For Price
Michael  Hedges Heavy Rain Heavy Rain
Oil on canvas   2016
24 x 30 in
Call For Price
Michael  Hedges In Bloom In Bloom
Oil on canvas   2016
60 x 40 in
Call For Price
Michael  Hedges Interstate Interstate
Oil on canvas   2016
44 x 56 in
Call For Price
Michael  Hedges Moonbeam Moonbeam
Oil on canvas   2016
60 x 48 in
Call For Price
Michael  Hedges Over Pass
Oil on linen   2016
24 x 12 in
Call For Price
Michael  Hedges Red Mesa Red Mesa
Oil on canvas   2016
24 x 24 in
Call For Price
Michael  Hedges Slow Motion Slow Motion
Oil on linen   2017
42 x 30 in
Call For Price
Michael  Hedges Spring Rain Spring Rain
Oil on linen  
56 x 40 in
Call For Price
Michael  Hedges The Peach The Peach
Oil on linen  
24 x 30 in
Call For Price
Michael  Hedges The Valley The Valley
Oil on linen   2017
44 x 36 in
Call For Price
Michael  Hedges The Valley Spirit The Valley Spirit
Oil on linen  
56 x 46 in
Call For Price
Michael  Hedges Tulum Tulum
Oil on canvas   2016
62 x 46 in
Call For Price Framed

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Michael  Hedges

Michael Hedges

Michael Hedges Biography

Michael was born and raised in Oak Park, Illinois. While in high school Michael spent two years 
studying at the Art Institute of Chicago before going on to receive his B.A. in Studio Art 
from Loras College in Dubuque, IA in 1998.

Since graduation from Loras, Michael has been exhibiting and selling his artwork throughout the 
Chicago-land area. In addition to gallery showings pieces of Michael's work hang permanently 
in corporations through the Chicagoland area and Iowa and have sold into private collections.

Michael Hedges Statement

My paintings are a synthesis of color, line, form and texture. They begin as a problem of two or more 
color relationships to be explored through form. The form is loosely defined by a drawing that 
acts as a skeleton and ecto-skeleton both beneath and above the finished work. The application of 
the media to the painting surface is of utmost importance to me. The paint is applied with great 
bursts of energy, creating a surface, if I am successful, that is supercharged with texture and color. I 
work multiple, usually around 10, paintings at the same time, all centered on the original 
problem. This multiple approach allows me to go in different directions, very quickly building the 
energy that is critical to a successful painting. I strive to create intense, even and stunning 
color relationships that are balanced by form and texture into a controlled elegance. The challenge 
here is to create a vibration in the work that energizes it without separating.

Michael Hedges Resumé

• Art Expo Chicago
• Chicago Paints
• Art of Expression Exhibit Highland Park
• Ohio University Southern Art Show (Group show)
• St. Xavier University Art Show (Solo show)
• McCormick Gallery Solo Show
• Art Expo Chicago 
• Art Miami
• McCormick Gallery Chicago
• Art Expo Chicago 
• Mars Gallery Chicago
• McCormick Gallery Chicago, Collage Collage Collage (Group Show) June
• McCormick Gallery Chicago (Summer Show) July
• Art Access Gallery / Bexley Ohio (Group Show) May
• Art Access Gallery (Group Show) July
• McCormick Gallery Chicago (Solo Show) December
• McCormick Gallery Chicago
• Fresh Abstractions Group Show Summer 2012 Highland Park Art Center 
• McCormick Gallery Chicago
• Mars Gallery Chicago
• Mars Gallery Chicago
• Mars Gallery Chicago, (Group Show) 
• Mars Gallery Chicago, (Two Person Show) 
• Artropolis, The Artist Project
• Medspa – Oak Brook, IL (2007-2008)
• Contempo with Roberta Markbreit, Television show
• Bottega M – Oak Park, IL
• Solo Show, Roaring Belly Gallery – Oak Park, IL
• Juried Exhibition Around the Coyote – Chicago, IL
• Bent Fork Studio – Freemont, IN
• Solo Show, Artist Frame Shop – Oak Park, IL 
• Official Selections Illinois Artisan Exhibition
• Solo Show, Molly Malones – Forest Park, IL
• Solo Show, Loras College – Dubuque, IA

Dr. and Mrs. Don Clem
Mr. Rick Eagle
Tom and Carol Woods
Dr. and Mrs. Ross Hausner
Steve and Laurie Bergren
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Sisco
John Finn
Scott and Nikki Elza

Corporate Collections 
PNC Bank
Delaney Law – Chicago, IL
Regenerative Solutions – Fullerton, CA 
Community Bank – River Forest, IL
Botticelli’s South Congress – Austin, TX
Caring Medical – Oak Park, IL
Pilgrim Management Office – River Forest, IL
Oak Park Park District Administration Building – Oak Park, IL

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